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Rush Telegraph 74

64 pages new offers and prices,
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Rush Express 79

144 pages of Worldwide,
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GB Commemorative
Odd Values

1924 to 2000
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Omnibus Issues

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Revised prices Oct 2021

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Rush Telegraph 75 - 'Super Duper' Edition

Rush Telegragh 75

RUSH Telegraph 75
Our prices have been revised allowing for the recent Postal Rate increases, our prices are very competitive - COMPARE AND SAVE - All items attract a 10% Discount and a 5% Value Added Bonus Voucher (on orders over £30) which can be used against your next order valid for 21 days (28 days overseas).

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Telegraph 74 - The Ultimate Price List

Rush Telegragh 74

RUSH Telegraph 74
Welcome to this Exceptional List - new Sale offers and reduced prices - quite incrediblediscounts. A real pot-pourri of exciting offers at low or lower prices - too good to miss.

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Telegraph 73 - Worldwide Edition

Rush Telegragh 73

RUSH Telegraph 73
This extra special edition reflects Super Savings on already low prices! Additional 'Unbelievable' Discounts, New Lower Prices - COMPARE & SAVE!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Express 79 - G.B. Edition

Rush Express 79

RUSH Express 79
Welcome to this Extra Special G.B. RushExpress No. 79 "Coronation Edition" - 144 pages fully revised to reflect today's market. We are offering an Exceptional 10% Discount on everything in addition to other available discounts plus a 5% Value Added Bonus Voucher - To Good to Miss!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Express 78 - Worldwide Edition

Rush Express 78

RUSH Express 78
A-Z Worldwide offers, everything must go!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Telegraph 72 - Autumn Super Saver

Rush Telegragh 72

RUSH Telegraph 72
This is my 80th Birthday Edition - so a time to celebrate! Some incredible G.B. & Worldwide Offers. 1000's of price reductions and Special Offers to show my appreciation for your custom and support over the years!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Telegraph 71 - Extra Special Telegraph Edition

Rush Telegragh 71

RUSH Telegraph 71
A quite unbelievable selection of special offers great britain, british commonwealth and foreign lots and collections.

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Express 77A - Queen's Platinum Jubilee Edition Edition

Rush Express 77A

RUSH Express 77A
We have had to split the list, this Part 1 contains G.B. Basic Sets and Stamps of Definitives/ Commemoratives, etc. plus a selection of Worldwide including Lots and Collections. Plenty of variation to tempt you!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Telegraph 70 - AG Something For Everyone Edition

Rush Telegraph 70

RUSH Telegraph 70
We present a real potpourri of G.B., British Commonwealth and Foreign offers for your perusal. Our next G.B. RushExpress (No. 77) is scheduled for the end of January 2022, however we have selected a selection of the more popular pages for this edition!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Express 76 - AG Edition

Rush Express 76

RUSH Express 76
This new RushExpress will pleasantly surprise you - during lockdown I have had the task to review all sections, and have been able to adjust 1000's of prices to your advantage after taking into consideration our stock position, demand and popularity!

Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Rush Express 73A

Rush Express 73A 'Extra Extra' Edition published January 2018

This year we have published Rush Express 73A, which includes Great Britain and World-wide special offers and recent additions to our stock, and these are sent out regularly to our subscribers. This issue contains plenty of 'one-off' offers including Great Britain, Revenues, Cinderella Stamps, Covers, fantasy stamps, just about everything. If you're looking for bargains there's AG's Bargain Basement, Extra Special Offers, Miniature Sheets and plenty more - a good range so why not download it now or even better subscribe and get it sent direct to your door. We have to make a small charge for our lists which barely covers postage and is well worth a fiver (£5 UK and £15 ($20) overseas). Rush Express 73A is available to download as Adobe Acrobat Files...

RUSH LATEST ARRIVALS - Published Monthly!

Latest Arrivals

Latest Arrivals

Latest Arrivals Latest Arrivals

Available to download as Microsoft Word files.

Every month we list new stock and special offers and this is included with each order dispatched. Also updates of current price changes.

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ONLY �5 PER ANNUM UK (Overseas �15 or $20) 

Please e-mail your requirements with your name and address, for any of the following:

THE STANLEY GIBBONS 2017 PRICE LIST: A list of Supplies and Accessories, 56 pages of Catalogues, Albums, Mounts and other Accessories which are currently available from us. Simply fill in the order form and return to us.

CURRENT G. B. BUYING LIST: Our requirements change on a regular basis, please ask for our latest list or send a list of what you have (SAE appreciated).

E-mail us here...

Supplementary Lists newly revised and currently available (simply quote the list number).

NA1.  GB 1840 1d Blacks and 2d Blues in all conditions * Photocopies
NA2.  GB 1841 2d Blues in all conditions (incl. Numbers in Maltese Cross)* Photocopies
NA3. GB 1847 Used EMBOSSED issues (6d, 10d and 1s.) - in ALL GRADES * Photocopies
A3. GB Queen Victoria Surface Printed mint and unused - in all qualities * Photocopies
NA8. GB Queen Victoria High Values Fine Used and used - in all conditions * Photocopies
NA9. GB Queen Victoria �5 Orange Fine Used, Good Used and used - in all conditions * Photocopies
A5. GB Queen Victoria Used Abroad * Photocopies
NA5. GB Queen Victoria �d Plate 9. Used in various grades. * Photocopies
NA4. GB Queen Victoria 1d Red Plate 225. Used in various grades. * Photocopies
NA6. GB Queen Victoria Mint High Values * Photocopies
NA7. King Edward VII Mint High Values * Photocopies
A6b. GB Queen Victoria Inverted Watermarks - please specify Line Engraved OR Surface Printed * Photocopies
A7. GB King Edward VII 10s and �1 Fine Used and Used. * Photocopies
NA11. GB King George V Mint Seahorses. * Photocopies
NA10. GB King George V 1929 �1 Postal Union Congress - UMM, MM, VFU, FU, GU, etc. * Photocopies
NA12. ERRORS and VARIETIES Pre-Decimal, please state your interests * Photocopies
NA13. ERRORS and VARIETIES Decimal, please state your interests * Photocopies
NA14. ERRORS and VARIETIES Pre-Decimal and Decimal, please state your interests * Photocopies
A11. Revenues GB / CI / IOM * Photocopies
A12. Stitched Booklets from Edward VII to Wildings
A13. COMMEMORATIVE Odd Values in all conditions (1924 to 2009)
A15. Benham Covers, Miscellaneous Silk Covers and Silk Cards (incl. Channel Islands / IOM)
A18. GB Railway and Related Covers - always popular
A19. Postal Museum and Regional Postcards, etc.
A20. LOCALS and PROPAGANDA Issues - mainly thematic
A21. Locals / Propaganda - Errors and Varieties
A22. 1971 Postal Strike covers
A23. Great Britain / Cinderella / etc.
A24. GB Locals on cover
A25. Commemorative FDCs with Specials Handstamps etc. 1953-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-2003, please state
A27. Worldwide Cinderellas, etc.
A28. Bargain Basement Worldwide list of collections and lots - from �25 up to �1,000's - available here...
A29. Worldwide Stocks and Bonds
A30. Solomon Islands Stock List, U/M and F/U sets and souvenir sheets 1983 to 2009 - at bargain prices, many superb THEMATICS included, plus FDC's
A32. OMNIBUS EDITIONS 1935-2003 including Princess Diana Memorial Issues (Rush Telegraph 61)
A33. Worldwide A-Z Listing (104 pages) (Rush Express No. 69)
A34. Miscellaneous Princess Diana Related Covers - GB and Worldwide
A38 JERSEY/GUERNSEY/ISLE OF MAN Definitives, Commemoratives, Dues, etc, U/M, F/U and FDCs (see Rush Express No. 73A)
A39.  Trade and Cigarette Cards - Sets/Part Sets


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